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about us

NUCH NUCH Co. is a young and energetic company engaged in the manufacture and sale of anatomically shaped body pillows and pillow cases. Body pillows are suitable for rehabilitation, relaxation, for children, pregnant and nursing mothers, athletes, non-athletes and long-term bedridden patients or persons in recovery.

Our partner in the manufacture is a family company with 20 years of experience, one of the largest manufacturer of blankets and pillows in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Our cooperation guarantees quality which is brought to you through our products.


NUCH NUCH body pillows are divided into three basic categories.

Simply NUCH NUCH body pillows are designed to relax, rest, and to improve well being and aid good sleep. They are also suitable for medical recovery, generally orthopedic, physiotherapeutic and psychotherapeutic purposes. They provide relief for back pain, spinal, head and abdominal issues, and benefit the digestive and nervous systems. They are suitable for the regeneration of athletes as well as for the older generation, whom it helps with recovery and keeping the body relaxed and rested.
Please find our body pillows here.

NUCH NUCH Mom body pillow is a special category focused primarily on the needs of pregnant women and mothers. These anatomical pillows are specially developed to secure maximum relaxation. In the late stages of pregnancy it is especially important for expectant mothers to sleep on their side to provide their developing child with comfort and safety. Nursing pillows relieve back strain and let the mother relax during breast feeding.
Please find our body pillows for expectant mothers here.

NUCH NUCH Jr. body pillows are designed with kids in mind. Infants and toddlers are provided with safe space for their stabilization. Older children are provided with the feeling of safety and comfort during sleep. The specially designed shape of body pillows helps to develop motor skills and hip development. They are suitable not only for sleeping, but also for playing in the children's playrooms and nurseries.
Please find our children´s body pillow here.

pillow cases

All NUCH NUCH body pillows in the basic style do not include a removable cover. You can see different types of pillow cases that we offer in Products category. If you cannot find one to your liking, please contact us by email on and we will do our best to create a pillow case tailored to your specific tastes.
Please find our pillow cases here.


All our products are supplied in solid waterproof packaging with zipper closure. The advantage of the packaging is possibility of multi-use (for seasonal clothing, bedding, etc.).